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This is really lovely and wonderful, thank you for making it!

this is so beautiful it made me cry a little :')

Thank you <3

A beautiful, peaceful, reflective piece of work! Thank you for making this!

Thank YOU for playing it!

Absolutely Phenomenal game. I've played this game like 5 times just to listen to the different music. Honestly, I am suprised that this game is free. Definetly one of my favorite games so far this year on It inspired me to start making my own games, Again, really great game. I'll be waiting for future games. Thanks dev!

This comment made me really happy! Thanks for playing :D

I don't usually write comments as most of the time, who cares what I have to say? However, I feel this game deserves one the level of time and thought and skill that went into the game, music, graphics, everything has blown my mind. This game is truly a work or art, and shouldn't be free to play, you could earn loads of money off of it. Once more i applaud you. This game is very, very great.

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This is such a nice comment. Thank you for taking the time to play the game and write this :)

No problem, I thought it deserved it.

Wow... that was beautiful! Great job! I can't believe how great that was...

Ahh thank you so much for playing and for this very kind comment!

A really beautiful game. Lovely story with  superb artwork and music. Lots of different scenarios all with different music choices. A great playthrough and a well done to all involved... :) 

Thanks for playing, and thank you so much for making this video! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game :)