A downloadable musical tarot reading for Windows and macOS


This is the prototype of Divinuet, a game in which tarot readings generate unique music.

The game has two phases- a reading phase in which you get the tarot reading and the cards play their individual music for you, followed by a phase where your combination of cards generates unique music and art.

There isn't much to the prototype yet, but hopefully it'll give you an idea of what the game could become if it ends up getting funding!

Thanks for taking the time to check it out <3

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Game designer, producer, composer, additional programming: Megan Carnes

Programmer: Solomon Lutze

Art: Pixel Tarot by Sarah Seekins

Install instructions

Download and uncompress the ZIP file for your system. For PC, there's an .exe file and for Mac there's an app file. You may have to run the program as an administrator if your computer doesn't recognize me as a developer.


Divinuet_PC_Prototype.zip 160 MB
Divinuet_Mac_Prototype.zip 177 MB

Development log

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